Tuesday, January 24, 2012

to say it out loud

Have I told you about my middle son's fiancee'?

I should say this to her face. Why is it so hard to say the nice things?
to say it out loud?

Well, if you know her, you know that she is

I could learn a lot from her, for I have far to go down this path

she willingly helps family and friends
she is great with kids

smart as a whip!
she is constantly learning new skills, trying new things, and doing it all the right way

once again, I could use a dose of this

new job
- twice in the last year!
new city
new apartment
no problem!

faithful and fiercely loyal

hard working

she has been chef's assistant at our New Year's Eve dinner (with 70+ guests) for three years running, working two plus days straight side by side with him, her fiance'

with excellence
with humility
and patience


she doesn't hear it enough
not from me, anyway

one goal of mine this year: to say it out loud

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