Monday, January 2, 2012

Sunday Setlist

Sunday Setlist at The Worship Community

January 1, 2012 was my debut into worship leading at a regular Sunday service. I had asked our main worship leader (my husband) to let me lead on Wednesdays for a while before doing a Sunday. Yesterday was not what I thought my first time would be - he asked me Saturday night to lead, because his voice was suffering from some sinus/allergy symptoms, and he didn't feel he would be able to lead. I had hopes of much more notice, but immediately sought God on it. After two minor revisions, this is the list I used:

  • Here for You (Jesse Reeves/Matt Redman)
  • --welcome/opening prayer
  • Famous One (Chris Tomlin/Jesse Reeves)
  • God is Great (Hillsong/Marty Sampson)
  • I Will Follow (Reuben Morgan/Chris Tomlin)
  • God of Wonders (Mark Byrd)
  • When I Speak Your Name (Elizabeth Clark/Klaus Kuehn)
  • --communion, announcements
  • offering song: Give Me a Passion (High Above All Things, Mark Altrogge)
  • --dismissal of children to classrooms (I also taught the 1-3 graders)
  • --Pastor's message (I will have to catch it online, after my husband puts it out there)

I so appreciate The Worship Community for all the resources available for new and veteran worship leaders! I soak up every post, even the older ones - keep it coming, please!

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  1. You taught kids too?! God must give you some kind of super-power for that that he has not given me! That is awesome.
    When I started leading, I was totally thrown into it by necessity. I'm so grateful for that now.
    I don't know that Mark Altrogge song but I'm a huge fan of him so I'll have to check it out.