Monday, January 2, 2012

Humility and a New Year

All sorts of things fly about in my mind and heart at the start of a new year. They fly upward, sometimes fall, some collide with each other, some simply burn out or are snuffed by the biggest one: fear.

Or, is it lies? Perhaps the fear opens the door to the lies; perhaps it's the other way around.

You know the lies, don't you? You must have heard them.
"What if I will always be (overweight, in debt, selfish)?"
"What if I cannot change?"
"What if ..." you fill in the blank.

A couple of blogs have caught my attention this week.
She posts of making goals, confronting the lies, diligence and success.
He speaks of humility and its relationship to understanding God's power with our dependence on Him.
And this man gives us a way to confront our self-sufficiency and lack of humility - through fasting.

What about humility? Does it mean believing the lies? Hardly. Believing in our dependence or failure does not equal humility. It equals impotence. God gives grace to the humble, and that is not a place of impotence, but of His power manifest in our weakness.

How do I plug into that power when I am understanding my weakness? Faith.
Believing that He wants to be successful in my life; not because of what I did or believed or thought, but because of my utter dependence on His power. Only there does He get the glory. And He is a jealous God, not wanting to share His glory. Really, I don't think of that as jealousy, but as a real evaluation of His power and our utter frailty.

So, I will take both into account: His power coupled with my dependency, and the daily decision to be carried on that wind, setting my jaw to see the task completed in me, to His glory.

Set sail with me, and we shall see the glory of God in our lives, advancing forcefully.

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