Monday, May 31, 2010

Memory Day

A husband lost this weekend.
A marriage celebrated.
A son called home from a Middle Eastern country.
Red, white, and blue and a parade.
Zoo for two little pairs of eyes. Snake skins, feathers, turtles, black bear, bald eagle, and turkeys.
Two shirts for $5.
Family time.

Sorrow always seems to mix with joy. Each dulls the other's effects just a tad.
Lord, be with those who have lost loves this week. Let us truly be your love to the world - bearing the burdens of the weary and weak, giving comfort where needed.

I am thankful for the honor that my friends and neighbors give to our troops, including son #3 in Afghanistan. He reports it is quite hot there most days. We have a list of requests, which we were unable to fulfill. By the time we got to Sam's Club, it had closed. Perhaps we will be able to return later this week.

Back to work in the morning. One last prom this weekend will keep us busy. After that, some less busy days mixed with busy wedding weekends will keep us on the up and down. It's a fun season, though. I love my job, and all that I get to do to make sure celebrations of life, death, milestones, joys, and sorrows are marked with beauty.

It's all part of life. Still, one day ... all tears will be wiped away ... there will be no more night, for He will be our light ... no more sorrow or pain ... and forever with Him I will stay.

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