Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is Random

I had a great time with some lovely ladies last night, from a church I miss fellowshipping with. I missed you, Nancy! One of these days, I want to tour your new kitchen ... and maybe take a kayak trip with you ... wouldn't that be fun?

On the way home, I heard an old Petra song: Praying Man. It brought me back to my college days.

My new bluetooth device talks to me. I picked the 'Hero' voice. I'll let you listen if you ask me.

Oh, and if you hear me talking out loud to nobody in particular - it's okay. This is corsage season. My ramblings may sound something like, "Three white sweets ... tipped navy blue ... navy bow ... gemstone wristlet ... heart gems ... glitter ... now, where is this bow? ... ahhh ..." I will be back to myself in a few weeks. I love making the corsages, but sometimes I get stressed about the details. Most girls only get one prom at the most, and pictures last a long time. It needs to be perfect!

I guess that's all for now.

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