Wednesday, March 17, 2010

About the Surgery

Yesterday, I had laparoscopic surgery to explore where my endometriosis was. Reportedly, the surgery went well, some of the stray endometriosis was removed, plus I had a tubal ligation, and probably a D&C.

Aside from feeling a bit sore today, I'm doing well. I'm slightly light-headed still, and my mouth is very dry from an anti-nausea patch that is still behind my left ear. I'll take that off in a few hours. My headache persists, and I'm thinking it's a side-effect from the general anesthesia, as well as air pockets near my shoulders pushing on those muscles that tend to give me headaches when stressed.

My Pastor brought me a gorgeous phaelenopsis orchid plant - a gift from our church. It's beautiful, and I'll probably post a picture of it soon.

To everyone who has followed me this year, praying and encouraging and supporting me: thank you ever so much! I truly feel the hand of God holding me up through the love you're sending my way. Thank you more than words can say.

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