Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Wrong Right to be Right

Simply this:

The desire to be right is strong in a Virgo. I need to learn to lay it down. This is the lesson God is leading me through in this season.

I could tell you that I was right in two different debates with my husband. I could tell you that he doesn't think I was right. There goes my pride again - wanting everyone to know how right I was.

One month from now, will it matter?
Three months from now, will I even remember that we disagreed - let alone on what subject?
Of course not.

One month from now, we will be enjoying a vacation in Lake George, walking along with the kiddos, taking them on rides, giving their Daddy and Mommy time together, driving, walking, riding, laughing, playing, and fully enjoying the present moment.

Three months from now, the night will draw dark sooner, the skies starry-eyed, barbecue, tossing rocks in the water, strolling along the river, working days, sleeping nights, maybe a few more drive-in picture shows, many more hugs and laughter-filled days and nights. Enjoying this very moment.

Never mind the debates. Be love. Be honest. Be Jesus to the world - but first off to the man who is the world to me. Never mind being right.

Self-talk over.
Good night moon.

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