Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Word in Season

Sylvia Evans visited our church this weekend. Friday evening, she ministered the word - logos and rema - to the church's elders and deacons and their spouses. She had a 'calling up' word for John, and a confirming and commissioning for me centered around Isaiah 50:4.

Saturday, she ministered to the ladies of our church in a similar manner. How blessed they were! (How blessed I was, too, because in many cases, as I was in my seat praying for each woman sitting before Sylvia, God gave me a picture that often matched something Sylvia spoke prophetically for that woman. I didn't always understand the picture's meaning, but she ended up explaining it. I pray the Lord refines His gift in me, enlarging it, so I can be His voice to speak the Word of life to the weary.)

It was a wonderful weekend! I am excited to see how God will do His work in us as we study the Word and walk in it.

Waken my ear, Lord, and give me the tongue of the learned. Help me only to speak what You reveal, and wait for Your timing.

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